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Just click here to apply – it’s easy and most applicants know if they are approved within minutes.

The Annual Percentage Rate is the interest rate you pay for the whole year v. the monthly rate.

To review the Annual Percentage Rate for First Progress Prestige Card please click here.

To review the Annual Percentage Rate for First Progress Select Card please click here.

You can deposit between $200 and $2,000. Your security deposit will determine your credit limit.

To ensure compliance with high-cost loan disclosure guidelines, deposits on the First Progress Prestige card between $201 and $349 will not be accepted.

To ensure compliance with high-cost loan disclosure guidelines, deposits on the First Progress Select card between $201 and $299 will not be accepted.

Yes! Your deposit is fully refundable when you close your secured card account in good standing. You must pay the card off in full and you’ll receive your deposit back.

Usually, there is a decision within minutes, and you will get an acceptance message on our website. Sometimes, we’ll need some more information from you. Don’t worry – we’ll send you an email or a pending application letter with directions on how to move forward.

We offer an optional Expedited Processing Service for $19.95. With the Expedited Processing Service your secured credit card will be processed up to 7 days faster and is only available if you use a debit or prepaid card to fund your security deposit. The $19.95 will be applied to your debit or prepaid card account along with the security deposit amount selected to fund your secured credit card.

As this is a secured credit card, you may qualify for a First Progress Secured Credit Card with no minimum score.

First Progress reports to the three major US credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Anywhere Mastercard cards are accepted! First Progress is a real Mastercard credit card, which means it’s accepted at millions of stores in the U.S., around the world and online.

You can contact our customer service line at 1-866-706-5543.

A request form is available at

Rewards FAQ's

Apply for a First Progress Secured Mastercard account today and start earning 1% cash back based on payments that you make to your First Progress account. After opening your account, you are automatically enrolled in First Progress Rewards.

Rewards are earned by making payments to your First Progress Secured Credit Card and are tracked as points. You will earn 1 point for every dollar of payment made to your account which equates to 1% cash back in First Progress Rewards. Cash back is provided in the form of statement credits. Payments to the Program Fee (if applicable), security deposits, or merchant credits/refunds to your account do not earn rewards.

Once you have accrued at least 500 points, you can redeem your rewards. Rewards can be redeemed online via the Customer Center on, the First Progress mobile app, or by calling our friendly customer service team. Points can be redeemed in 500-point increments and will be applied as a credit to your card account. Each 500-point redemption will result in a $5 statement credit. Rewards redeemed as a statement credit to your First Progress account are applied to your outstanding account balance. You must still make regularly scheduled payments.

First Progress Rewards do not expire and are good for the life of the account. However, if your account is closed for any reason, you will lose any unredeemed rewards.